The Neapolitan teddy bears’ picnic

Isa bears in Naplesphoto © Isabel Clara Lorda Vidal

A friend who lives in Naples just sent me this great photo. It set me thinking about a  back story. So many possibilities. But I opted for this idea:


IF you go down to the Bay today / you’re sure of a big surprise. /

If you go down to the Bay today / you’d better go in disguise! /


FOR every Camorra chief there was / will gather there for certain /

because today’s the day the / Teddy Bears have their picnic. /


PICNIC time for innocent bears. /

The little bears are having / a dangerous time today. /

Watch them caught out unawares / and taken hostage on their holiday. /


SEE how Panda tries to run. /

He loves to stand his ground / and sand goes everywhere. /


AT ten o’clock their Mammas and Babbos / will come to take them home /

and find there aren’t any Teddy Bears there.


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